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Hello and welcome,

This site is for anyone who wants to make good “artisan” bread, whether it’s the seasoned professional or a first time bake its here for you.


What is artisan bread?

Well it depends on who you ask, the definitions vary but it is basically any bread made by hand, it all starts with flour and water (in the case of sourdough, it pretty much ends there as well!) where you take it from there is pretty much down to you.


It really is that simple, it is true that there is a lot that can be learned about the science of bread

making, but there is no real hurry, most of the work is done by mother nature herself, she supplies all of the materials, by way of flour, water, salt and yeast (whether wild or cultivated) and it is our job (if you can call it that!) to make sure that that the yeast is fed and watered and kept warm. Our reward is tasty bread, the more love and passion we put in, the better the reward.


Over time I will be filling this site with good bread recipes to include: sourdoughs, simple white bread (or Pain Ordinaire) wholegrain breads, granary type breads and many others, I also have some good gluten free recipes to introduce, so that good bread can be enjoyed by all!.


I would love to receive any hints and tips to include in my hints and tips page, there will also be a page to rate your local bakery, please send in pictures as well for me to include, in the meantime, enjoy the site and thanks for looking.


Happy baking